Youth event - waiver form

This is to inform you that Solid Rock Community Church will be partaking in an event. Please fill out the name, place, and date of event below.
I (we), the parents/guardians of the above named children, give authorization for attendance, participation, and travel with the Solid Rock Community Church, 102 Egly Drive, West Unity, OH 43570. I (we) realize that in the event of an emergency, it is frequently impossible to contact persons who can authorize medical treatment. I (we) authorize an adult representative of the Solid Rock Community Church to consent to any necessary examination, anesthetic, medical diagnosis, surgery or treatment, and/or hospital care to be rendered to the above named minor under general or specific supervision. In addition, I (we) have, and do hereby, release Solid Rock Community Church, its staff, or volunteers from liability associated with participation in any event.