Ezra's Revival

When radical change came in Ezra's day, he decided he wanted to know what God wanted out of him during the change.  We, as believers, should be asking that same question as we go through the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic....are we willing to ask that question?


Counsel From a Wise King's Mom

Consider the advice a mom gives her son regarding qualities that belong to a Godly woman.


I Pray, But Do I Pray Through?

 In our fast-paced world, has our prayer life diminished to throwing up 20-second "wish lists" to the Lord?  Or, are we genuinely spending time with Him?


It's Not About You

Discover where our real purpose comes from...spoiler alert - it's not from our own successes or efforts!

Audio from video clip in original message from Adley Stump used with permission from Adley Stump.


Daniel in the Lion's Den

Sometimes we forget that the "Children's Sunday School" lessons are still applicable to us as adults.  The story of Daniel in the Lion's Den offers us much to ponder as we reflect on our adult lives and how we are affecting those around us.


So, We Have Won!

What do war stories and Easter have to do with each other??  Listen to find out!


Eternal Things Happened in Gardens

Go with us as we look through the 3 major gardens mentioned in scripture and find the supernatural events that shaped eternity....


Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Why doesn't God prevent all the bad stuff from happening around us/to us? Discover how we can have Hope even in times of crisis, tragedy, and difficult circumstances. 


Preparing for God's Great Work thru Us

 Basketball teams don't fly by the seat of their pants and win championships...they work...they prepare. We don't just get in the car and drive aimlessly and call it "vacation"....we make plans and reservations. We prepare for most everything in life....are we preparing to be used by the Lord? 


Just What the Heck is Going on with this Virus?

 There is a distinct, spiritual side to the current, global, virus crisis. As believers, how should we respond? Who should we trust? This message encourages us to "Fear not!" - nothing going on has taken Him by surprise. Will we allow His peace to direct our reactions/thoughts/feelings?


"Yes, I Believe!" Part 3

In this final sermon in the series, we look at 3 issues that, as believers, we should be in agreement on. While they don't affect salvation, these issues speak to the condition of our heart and our commitment to God's ways. 


Yes, I Believe! Part 2

Continuing in the series that was started last week, today we look at 3 additional "hills to die on" in the Christian faith. Is our life reflecting the absolutes we embrace? 


Yes, I Believe!

From mountains to molehills - what hills are we willing to die on? In this 1st message in the "Yes, I Believe" series, the first 5 of the hills we should be willing to die on are identified. These are the basic tenants of our Christian faith - they are what make us Christ-followers....


Biblical Sex

Can we talk about that from the pulpit??  YES!  In our current culture, we are bombarded with all types of advertising and temptation on so many different platforms - but how do they measure up to what the Word has to say about the topic? 


The Journey of Our Faith....In Patience

Patience??  Who's got time for that!  Discover how patience plays a major role in the scope and depth of our faith.....


Abortion in America

SRCC Right To Life Sunday - Petra Wallenmeyer (Heartbeat International) gives us some unique insight as she discusses what abortion is, why we as Christians should care, and what we can do to be a voice for the most vulnerable of our society.


The Journey of our Faith...In Tough Times

Why am I the one going through this?  Life stinks...and, when will it get better?  So often, the strength of our faith is related to the happiness of our circumstances. Pastor Tony encourages us to look to God and Who He is as the foundation of our faith rather than life circumstances.


The Day the Music Died - or was it Marriage?

The shift from the "Leave it to Beaver" days began in the 1960's.  Today's family structure bears the full manifestation of our nation having embraced a culture of divorce and "free love" instead of clinging to covenant.