12 Ordinary Men

As believers, we often think that God will choose the great speakers, writers, or otherwise noteworthy people of life to accomplish His will.  However, very often, He chooses ordinary folks - like you and me.  Will you be obedient to His call?


Past and Future

 As we begin a new year, let's take a look at what the Word has to say about leaving old things behind, putting on the mind of Christ, and looking to what lies ahead..... 


It Wasn't By Chance

Israel - God's chosen....even in modern times.

Join us as we travel through history to see the hand of God on His people...on their land.  Find out how He used the likes of Samuel Clemens and the Balfour Declaration to fulfil scripture!  


Of Giants and Dreams

Sometimes, the Lord still uses dreams to speak to us....even to unbelievers in an effort to draw them to Himself.  Hear how God spared a man's family.....and, He used dreams to do it!