Biblical Sex

Can we talk about that from the pulpit??  YES!  In our current culture, we are bombarded with all types of advertising and temptation on so many different platforms - but how do they measure up to what the Word has to say about the topic? 


The Journey of Our Faith....In Patience

Patience??  Who's got time for that!  Discover how patience plays a major role in the scope and depth of our faith.....


Abortion in America

SRCC Right To Life Sunday - Petra Wallenmeyer (Heartbeat International) gives us some unique insight as she discusses what abortion is, why we as Christians should care, and what we can do to be a voice for the most vulnerable of our society.


The Journey of our Faith...In Tough Times

Why am I the one going through this?  Life stinks...and, when will it get better?  So often, the strength of our faith is related to the happiness of our circumstances. Pastor Tony encourages us to look to God and Who He is as the foundation of our faith rather than life circumstances.


The Day the Music Died - or was it Marriage?

The shift from the "Leave it to Beaver" days began in the 1960's.  Today's family structure bears the full manifestation of our nation having embraced a culture of divorce and "free love" instead of clinging to covenant.