Leadership Communities Nominations Overview

Leadership Structure

In addition to our Elder Board, there are two primary Church Leadership Boards that are distinct from, but equal to, each other. These are the Management Board and the Missions Board. The Elder Board has oversight of the Leadership Boards, providing direction to them and ensuring that communication among them remains healthy and strong. All of the Leadership Boards work together and meet together at least once a month.

Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for the overall administration of the Church and its physical resources. The Board is also responsible for the accurate and timely implementation of and adherence to the SRCC Constitution. They also serve as the Finance Committee for SRCC and manage the financial resources based on the approved budget. They oversee all legal and financial matters and provide for the care and maintenance of all properties owned by SRCC, including insurance coverage.
The Board also endeavors to inspire the SRCC membership to practice Biblical stewardship in the area of finances, involving the members in approval of an annual budget, and keeping them informed about SRCC's financial health.

The Management Board has 7 members: a Church Treasurer, 3 Trustees, and 3 people who serve in a broad capacity. The Church Treasurer is appointed by the current Elders and the Management Board. The Trustees are elected at the Annual Business Meeting for staggered 3-year terms after which they may be re-affirmed by the membership. The Trustees are responsible for seeing that the day-to-day maintenance and physical needs of the church building and grounds are being met. The broad-capacity members who are elected at the Annual Business Meeting serve for staggered 3-year terms after which they may be re-affirmed by the membership. Again, both Trustees and broad-capacity members serve in staggered terms with one rotating off each year unless re-affirmed

Missions Board

The Missions Board gives oversight to the SRCC missions program and makes recommendations to the Management Board for approval and action. They provide the leadership necessary to inform the SRCC family of current mission opportunities and the welfare of supported missionaries. They also involve the SRCC family in global missions and work to inspire them to prayerfully and financially fulfill the Scriptural command to be Christ's witnesses to the ends of the earth.

The Board includes up to 10 members: an Elder representative appointed by the Elder Board to serve for 2 years; up to 7 people who are appointed by the Elder Board to serve staggered 3-year terms; and 2 elected members who serve staggered 2-year terms. These members are elected at the annual business meeting.

Church Board Nominations (2022)

Deadline for Nominations is Sunday, August 28

One of the distinctive features of Solid Rock is that the members select our Board Leadership members; the men and women who lead our church family. We rely on the Holy Spirit to identify those among us who reflect the character qualities needed for such positions. For 2022, we are asking for nominations for the following Boards: Elder Board (2 open positions), Management Board (2 open positions, 2 re-elections)), and Missions Board (3 appointed, elected).

The forms for nominations can be picked up at the Information Center in the Café area. These forms need to be returned by Sunday, August 28th to the church office. To be nominated, the individual must be a Member of Solid Rock. Elder nominations are to be male only. Other Boards may either be male or female nominees.

Process For Filling Out Leadership Nomination Forms

  • Ask the individual you would like to nominate.
  • Complete the Nomination Form for the position to which you are recommending the individual. (Link listed below)
  • Return the Nomination Form to the office by Sunday, August 28th. The office will take care of giving applications to nominees.