5/27/2020 Reason and faith

Sometimes we lay aside God-given logic and reasoning during our Christian journey - especially when it comes to healing..... 

5/20/2020 Devotional

God is in charge of the circumstances of our lives - He can use the bad as well as the good....but, generally, we only think that when circumstances are good!  It's the not-so-great events in life that He often uses to teach/show us the greatest things.

5/13/2020 Devotional

 Oh, Jonah!  We are more like him than we know - no, we don't get swallowed by huge fish very often, but we do wallow in self-righteousness and get upset with God....even when it comes to how He extends His grace towards others... 

5/6/2020 Devotional

There may be something very sinister going on as it relates to COVID-19. Church - the time for sleeping is over - we need to be awake and alert!! Additional video segment used with permission from Pastor Danny Jones, Northlake Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA 

4/29/2020 Devotional

The Mundane in Life