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Ways to participate in Student Ministry Include:
#1 Set-Up/Tear-Down
  • Arrange Tables and chairs
  • Make sure materials for games are out
  • Lights are set up and turned on
  • Sign-in table is set up
  • Sound and projector are hooked up and ready to be used
  • After the program, make sure tables and chairs are put away
  • Lights unplugged and put away
  • Projector and sound board are turned off
  • The floor is vacuumed
  • Also helping with events outside of the church
Training Procedure:
  • To give a map of how tables should be arranged and how many chairs are used to each table
  • A checklist of what materials need to be set out
  • Instructions on how to hook up sound/lights
  • Training time would be about 1 hour
  • Must have a background screen performed
  • Commitment time once a week on a rotating basis
#2 Greeter
  • Make sure that they greet and welcome each student as they enter the room
  • Make sure that each student signs-in
  • Sign in any visitor that comes in
  • Make sure that visitors are connected with a student that is a member of the youth group
  • If the visitor is by themselves, get contact information from visitors, and to make the Youth  Pastor aware of any visitors prior to youth group starting
  • Must have a background screen performed
  • After youth is over, clean up sign-in table and put supplies away
  • Make sure that the appropriate person is given the sign-in sheets
Training Procedure:
  • Teach persons how to use the sign-in sheet and visitor information sheets
  • Show people where to put supplies when youth is over and show them where to put the sign-in sheets for appropriate person
  • Training time is 30 minutes
  • Commitment time is once a week on a rotating basis
#3 Snacks
  • To set up the snack table prior to youth beginning
  • To check with the Youth Pastor to see which snacks are going to be used for that night
  • To prepare/cook snacks if necessary
  • To set out cups, plates, napkins, silverware, etc.
  • To coordinate which snacks will be used
  • After youth, make sure all snacks are put away
  • Make sure snack table is cleaned up and wiped down
  • Put all plates, napkins, etc away in their proper place, to wash, dry, and put away all dishes that may have been used.
  • Training time is 30 minutes
  • Commitment is once a week on a rotating basis
  • Must have a background screen performed

 #4 Audio/Visual

  • To set up and run the sound system which includes, but is not limited to the:
    1. Computer
    2. Projector
    3. Sound System
    4. DVD  player
    5. Video game system
  • This would be done prior to and during youth with music videos, during the youth group, afterwards for meetings, and events.
  • This would also include helping plan and put together power point presentations for youth and any events that power point would be necessary
  • A knowledge of audio visual equipment is preferred, but not necessary
  • Training time is around two hours with additional time needed for preparing the weekly presentations.
  • Commitment is once a week on a rotating basis.
  • Must have a background screen performed
#5 Driver
  • This would require a volunteer to transport students to and from events. 
  • This includes but is not limited to picking students up and dropping them off from events and staying until an event is over.
  • The age requirement is 21 and over.
  • In this position, there will be a need for someone to coordinate drivers for events as well as sending reminders to parents and youth about events.
  • A valid Ohio drivers license and willingness to drive students to events
  • Must have a background screen performed
  • Time comitment varies on the activity.
  • Staying for and participating in the activity is not necessarily required.
#6 Youth Helper
  • Help out with events and on Sunday nights with varies duties
  • Getting to know the youth that come
  • Running errands to pick up supplies
  • Coordinating drivers for activities
  • Calling youth to remind them of events
  • Must have a background screen performed
The volunteer positions above are for those who want to be part of youth ministry without a lot of time committment and minimal training involved.  This is one on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and at other events specified. 
The basic requirements for these positions are:
  1. You must agree with our statement of faith (see Constitution)
  2. A willingness to serve
  3. Must set a positive example to youth
The volunteer positions listed below are for those who want to serve the youth on a deeper level to invest more time than an entry level position in developing their spiritual character as well as helping set a course for the future of the youth ministry.
#7 Youth Praise and Worship Leader
  • To lead youth in worship during youth events or services
  • To pick out appropriate music for the services and events
  • To recruit others to be involved
  • To run rehearsals efficiently
  • To spiritually hold accountable each member of the team
  • Making sure you have the necessary equipment for each ministry opportunity
#8 Youth Advisory Team
  • To work with Youth Pastor to help give input and direction for:
    1. Bible teaching
    2. Activities
    3. Missions projects
    4. Outreach
    5. To evaluate program on a regular basis
  • Participating in the youth program is required in the form of any volunteer position listed as well as anything else the Youth Pastor may need
  • Attendance at youth advisory team meetings is required as well as being an active part of the youth ministry
  • Training is ongoing, as the volunteer wil be serving in a dual role in other areas of the youth program
  • Time commitment is one year

#9 Teacher-Sunday School/Youth Group/Special Events
  • To plan and execute weekly lesson from the curriculum that is given
  • To build relationships with the students in their class
  • To arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins in order to prepare the room for class
  • To study the Word of God in order to teach the youth
  • To participate in all teacher training and meetings
  • To work with the Youth Pastor to evaluate the curriculum
  • To give input on how to improve the program
  • To gather input from students on the curriculum and how it is working for them.
  • A background check is required
  • Teacher training is also required and is an ongoing process
  • Needs to agree with our statement of faith (see Constitution)
  • Must set an example by living the life of a Christian
  • Will be offered teacher training in the following ways, but not limited to:
    1. Teacher meetings
    2. Audio/video training
    3. Teacher training classes
    4. One-on-one meeting with the Youth Pastor
  • Time commitment is one year
To get plugged-in to Student Ministry, please fill out the Ministry Team Connection Form.

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